The 3 Month Diabetes Challenge Ends

I went to the Doctor last Tuesday November the 8th. On August 5th I had visited him and my numbers were pretty bad. A1C of 9.9 and a fasting blood sugar of 180. My weight was 216 and I set some goals, mainly to reduce my weight by 26 pounds, that would help get my numbers back in line.

I did a number of things to accomplish my goal, the first most important thing was to cut out the extra carbohydrates that I was eating and stick with a high protein diet. I did not cut out carbs altogether, just the ones that were extra or foods I shouldn’t have been eating in the first place. I also stopped eating after 9pm and going to bed to get a real nights rest. I started walking more, along with other more active exercise other than exercising my fingers and eyes at the computer.

My results, while 26 lbs was unreasonable but could have been accomplished did not happen. My weight at Tuesdays appointment was 195, a 21 lb weight loss. That is completely from not eating potatoes, pasta, desserts, white bread and cutting down on all bread to a reasonable level. My A1C number was 6.7, which is still elevated, but way closer to normal. It is also 3.2 points better, which is a dramatic change. My fasting blood sugar was 117 and could also have been better, but I had not exercised at all before the blood work and I still have work to do weight wise. On the whole I am completely happy with the effort, as was my Doctor who decided he doesn’t need to see me for6 months, instead of the 4 months we had been doing.

It can be done, you just have to try. You do not have to be a slave to your Diabetes, but only you can make that happen.

My new goals:

  1. Weight loss of 15 lbs to 180 lbs
  2. A1C number of 5.5
  3. Fasting blood sugar of 99

Food, Food and More Food

I know I keep hitting on the same topic, but I never believed that what types of food you ate could affect your diabetes so much. I always ate what I wanted, keeping away from the sugar as much as possible. But when my Doctor told me that I had a major problem with my blood sugar, changing what I was taking and getting me on insulin I said that I needed to change.

An Epiphany

The whole thing is that I needed something like that to shock me into actually watching what I was doing. I can tell you that it’s all about the food. Protein, protein and more protein is what changed it for me. I try to avoid the processed carbohydrates religiously because that is what hurts your blood sugar levels and hurts you as a diabetes.

Try it, eat right, do some walking or running or ride a bike. Here’s what it gets you:

I started at 216 pounds when I left the Doctors after my life changing appointment. I also had a fasting blood sugar of 180 and A1C of 9. Today I weigh 193 with a fasting blood sugar between 95 and 105.

You can do it, I am.

You Can’t Always Make Progress Against Diabetes

My family caught the mild flu this past week. During the week I had to spend a lot of time taking care of everyone else, but less time on myself. At the end of the week I started to feel weak with a sore throat. Then on Saturday I was just coughing and could not sleep that night. I was sweaty and just slept on Sunday. Today I had to work, but it wasn’t a great day with the worn out, sweaty feeling.

Through all this I was not able to exercise, or completely eat what I needed to if I was to progress. My goal of 2 lbs for the week was zero lbs and the blood sugar was a little higher than the 100 average for the previous week. But, through it all I maintained, didn’t just quit.

I was able to do the lawn tonight, forcing myself through the yuck, worn out feeling. After my shower the exercise had dropped my blood sugar from the higher than normal 141 to 101. Now it is 2 hours later and I have maintained a low blood sugar number with a 98.

We aren’t always going to feel great, we aren’t always going to be able to make progress, but we can do what we can to maintain.

Don’t give up, don’t ever give up. – Jimmy V

Can We Cure Diabetes

I don’t know the answer to my question, but I do know we can reverse or make our diabetes go into a sort of remission.

I can attest to this for a fact because my diabetes has went from high, bad numbers to low, good numbers. Over the last 30 to 40 days I have lost 15-18 lbs by eating a high protein diet with minimal carbohydrates. In the same time frame my average blood sugar readings have went from 150-200 to 109 two weeks ago and 99 since last Friday.

I am only taking 2 1000mg metformin each day. One in the morning and one with dinner. I know that as I lose more weight I will need less metformin and at some point may even be able to stop taking it.

Why wait for the doctors to cure diabetes? It may never happen, so do it yourself, it’s your life!

What a Great Week – Diabetes Health – Writing I Don’t Understand

While my week was extremely hectic, it was also a productive one for keeping my diabetes numbers in a quality range after just 2 weeks of my 3 month Lifestyle Change for a Better Life. The first week of teachers back before students is very hectic and stressful, which is not a good thing for controlling your diabetes.

I thought that I was going to be let down by my numbers all week, but interestingly they were all below 120 and even right around 110 for most of the week. What I did notice was hat the more I ran around doing things,  the more time I wasn’t thinking about my diabetes and was just keeping busy, the better the numbers. Let’s take Wednesday for example, it was Professional Development day and we had 8 rooms full of teachers doing Compass, Reading and Math at different points during the day. We also had 7th grade welcome back, with the cafe set up for the students and parents to get their schedules, plus a lab that needed to be ready and supported for parent sign up to volunteer and for them to see their children’s grades and progress online.

With that stress you would think that I would have increased numbers, but no 108, 112, 103 for the day morning, after lunch and before bed. The rest of the week was the same, including Friday in which we Tom and I ran around like mad men getting classrooms completely ready for Monday when the students come back. I was actually concerned on Friday when I go a headache, checked my blood sugar and it was only 85. After eating something I checked it to see if I would get a spike and the reading was still under 100 at 93. I ended  the day with a reading of 106. I wrote the headache off to not drinking enough while sweating.

Overall a good week, including a final weight of 201.

Writing I Don’t Understand

On another note, I would like to talk about what people write and how they write it. I try to make everything I write easy to understand. I am a technology support professional who reads a lot of technical information everyday, so I know it can be dry and boring. But, what really gets me is when I click a link to a blog that has been suggested, as one was in my Sparks on Google+, that I couldn’t even get through the first sentence without being confused by the grammar. If you can’t write something that uses decent grammar and that at the minimum makes sense when you read it, then you shouldn’t be writing or releasing it before someone has proofed it. Check it out for yourself and let me know if it made sense to you.

Quick Progress Update

Just a quick update. Yesterday was a good day for the change in lifestyle. I started out with a 102 blood sugar reading and even with a trip to the mall I was able to remain under 120 all day.

Food court at the mall was peanut chicken and steamed veggies from the Chinese wok place.

I felt really good all day and got some great exercise mowing the lawn.

Update Sunday 8/14 9:00pm – Dinner at the in laws was BBQ Pork, mashed potato’s, Bread with butter and carrots with a dessert of M&M’s cookie ice cream sandwiches. As you can see, not a lot of this meal I could eat so I ate the carrots and a few helpings of the BBQ Pork with some salt and pepper. Dessert was another helping of BBQ. This was a first for me in that I let my willpower take over and only ate what was good for my blood sugar. It paid off, my after dinner reading was 100 on the button. I can’t stress enough that eating right and getting some exercise is one of the best ways to control diabetes.

Eating, Sweating and Progress

It has been an interesting week in “The 3 Month Sprint To Change A Lifetime.” (Side note that the punctuation for the quotations is in the correct place Michael)

Today I went back and looked at my blood glucose numbers for this week and noticed an interesting fact: All my numbers were below 125 except for after Sunday dinner at the in-laws.

The Change

Well, it’s exercise or the sweat part. I lost 5 pounds this week with the exercise which amounted to a lot of walking and a little jogging. This isn’t even as much as I could exercise, so I hope to see continual progress as I increase activity and intensity. I may start by adding my handy jump rope for a few minutes in the morning this week.

I’m eating a lot less at meals because I am eating more often. Also, I have started making an effort to take my oral medicine with my meals instead of whenever I remembered.  The calorie intake this week was lower than usual because I have just about reduced carbs to the minimum that I can basically have and with eating more often I am less hungry. This leads to less binging at one time because I am just so hungry that I just want food.

The biggest carb bump this week was from the two 16 ounce glasses of low fat milk I drank at dinner last night. I have also started eating a lot of nuts, I like almonds so they are the snack of choice. Something else that I believe helps is that I do eat an orange, banana, apple or some grapes at least a once a day. They contain a better sugar than what is in the processed foods that we all have to eat from the store.

The Progress

This week I lost 5lbs and kept my blood sugar readings under 125 for the first time in a long time. Now, I do know that my readings would have been higher if I had taken them within 1 hour of eating, but that is expected. The standard is to take your blood sugar when you wake up in the morning, and two hours after a meal which I do after my biggest meal. Also you would take your readings when your doctor tells you should.

I look forward to some great readings and weight loss in the coming weeks.

The 3 Month Sprint To Change A Lifetime

Today is the first day of my sprint to my next blood work. It is also the start of a change in lifestyle. I am setting food and exercise goals and a 3 month target weight. I will have way points so that I can achieve short term goals.

With that in mind my overall weight loss target for 3 months is 26lbs. If you look at 2lbs a week for 12 weeks that is 24lbs, which I believe I can do with an increase in exercise activity.

On your mark, get set, GO!

Exercise – Hot Dogs = Better Diabetic Health?

Is this part of the Equation?

Math was one of my majors in college, so I thought this would be a great Subject for tonight. As you might know, I like to read a lot of online material searching for answers to a lot things. I’m a computer tech in the IT field, I have diabetes, and I like Portal 2. I spent the better part of late last night and today reading about Portal 2 and watching some YouTube Videos on game play. I broke that up with a trip to a computer clients office for a quick hour of data transfer. The rest of the time I have been reading about Dot Com Pho, Health and Diabetes.

The equation in the subject relates to my readings of two different online articles about Exercise and Hot Dogs. Both were separate topics in my perusing of my RSS and Google News feeds, but they tied together into healthy eating and fitness for controlling my diabetes.


The article on exercise talks briefly about a study by medical researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles suggests that increasing muscle mass may help reduce the risk of type 2

Interesting short article that I believe is just basic common sense and we could probably spent the money used on this study on something that might actually cure diabetes. The thing is that exercise, any exercise helps. But, weight training actually builds muscle while at the same time reducing the amount of diabetes causing fat. Muscle also burns the bodies fuel better, makes our metabolism run fast and therefore increases the proper use of insulin.

Hot Dogs

This article has a big scare heading, but in the article itself calls into question the credibility of the actual study and group that did it. I applaud them for that because the study actual says…

A hot dog a day could send you to an early grave. Processed meats like hot dogs can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and various types of cancer. Like cigarettes, hot dogs should come with a warning label that helps racing fans and other consumers understand the health risk.” – PCRM

The article is titled: Hot-Dog Health Warning Outside NASCAR Event In Indianapolis and is from Medical News Today. Now, all things cause cancer and other diseases, but “The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)” who sponsored the study say that eating hot dogs causes: leukemia, ovarian cancer, as well as type 2 diabetes. Sorry folks but you are going overboard. Have you ever listened to a TV commercial for any drug? The list of warnings and side effects is 25 of the 30 seconds of the commercial.

On top of all this the PCRM has a strong emphasis on animal welfare in farming as well as veganism. So, they want you to stop eating meat all together, which I find interesting when they are studying animal products. Just my thought, but I wouldn’t trust this study or this group for any unbiased information.

So What’s the Right Equation?

Personally, I think the first article on exercise was an honest try to help in the study on Diabetes, but not where we need to focus. The second article on the Hot Dogs and health risks is a waste of time and effort and just for publicity of a vegan lifestyle. So my equation would go like this:

Exercise(Weights, cardiovascular or whatever you can do) + Good Diet(high proteins, low carbs with a treat here and there) = Better Health

Control Diabetes By Taking Care Of Yourself

It has been just over a month since the Doctor wanted me to start on insulin because of a fasting glucose of 180 and A1C of 9.0. I was also taking Actos and Metformin with those numbers. Let me tell you that I was not taking care of myself, while I was trying to eat correctly I couldn’t or wouldn’t because the food that we have to buy for the kids is higher in carbs and the snacks for my wife were not good for my diabetes. Top that off with my love for pasta, and sushi well you get the picture.

Fast forward to today Friday the 29th of July. My blood sugar reading after 15 hours of no food and 17 hours since my last Metformin was 130. I cooked brunch for the family consisting of scrambled eggs, juice for the kids and coffee for myself and my wife. I also made 2 English muffins that I put peanut butter on 1/2 for my daughter and grape jam on the other half for my son. I gave my wife a half and I took the other half eating it dry with my eggs. About 1 1/2 hours later I checked my blood sugar and it was 141, which isn’t much of a spike.

For a snack around 1:30pm I had a small bowl of dry roasted almonds and a small chunk of cheese with a diet cola. We then went to Publix to get groceries, which is part of my exercise for the day between walking the cart around for over an hour and carrying the bags. When I got the groceries in the house I quickly cooked a Kielbasa and kraut for dinner with green beans for the kids. I couldn’t stay for dinner because I had a computer job to go to, so when I got back I checked my blood sugar and it was 115.

I ate the rest of the kielbasa that was left along with 2 helpings of kraut and a large glass of skim milk. That was about 3 hours ago, I also grabbed a few cheese puffs and pretzel crackers around 9pm. I was taking my contact out at 10pm and I checked my blood sugar for the last time today. Anyone want to venture a guess? Anyone, Bueller, Bueller? Okay, it was 105, yes you are reading that correctly: 105.

So, what is different from 30 days ago? I’m being more active, I’m not downing a bunch of carbs or food that has a lot of sugar. I’m eating snacks that I like and are good for me and I am being more active. What’s the next step? A running program and putting my Gi back on to practice my martial arts. Any bets on where my numbers will be in 3 months when I get my blood work done for my next visit to the doctors?


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